How to have a good night’s sleep every night

Having a good night’s sleep keeps us refreshed during the day and helps our effectiveness. It is as vital for our mental health as it is our physical health to have a refreshing sleep. Unfortunately, however as important as having a good night’s sleep is, not many people enjoy this vital aspect of health and wellbeing.  

If you are one the people who struggle with sleep or you just want an improvement in your general sleep pattern, the following steps will help you realize your dream.

  • Go to bed at about the same time every night

This helps your brain to programme itself into a regular routine so it senses when it’s time to sleep. It is also important to set a regular waking up time. Doing this all the time, including at the weekends or when not going work, is useful in getting into a routine.

  • Wind down gradually

At the end of your working day, make sure that you step your activities down gradually, take a shower, listen to light relaxing music or read a book. You can also meditate or pray gently if you know how to do that. Doing these things help you to relax you mind and of course sleep does like a relaxed mind.

  • Eat light and eat early

It is important that you eat your evening meals early as this gives time for the digestive process to begin. Also avoid eating heavy meals as this can disrupt your sleep pattern.

  • Make your bedroom conducive

If your bedroom is rough and untidy or if your bed is uncomfortable and your lights are on at bedtime, it is likely you will struggle to have a good sleep. Therefore you should ensure that your sleeping space looks tidy, smells nice and is of the right temperature and illumination.

  • Avoid strong drinks before bed

If you must have a good night’s sleep then you must avoid the intake of alcohol or drinks containing caffeine close to bed time. These include coke, coffee, tea or energy drinks. These drinks cause stimulation to the brain thereby disturbing the ability of the brain to relax during sleep.

Sticking to the above steps does take effort but be sure that the effort you put in is likely to yield the expected result of proper refreshing night’s sleep.

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