Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Impotence (erectile dysfunction) is a common problem especially as men get older. This is  when a man is unable to get or maintain an erection. Some men can get this occasionally but when persistent it is advisable to see a doctor.

What are the causes of impotence?

There are many different things that can lead to impotence and it is important not to make assumptions about the cause until it is confirmed by a medical practitioner.

Some of the causes are listed below.

  1. Stress and anxiety: If you suffering from any kind of stress, this can affect your ability to get an erection. Also this can also be the case where there is anxiety about performing during sex.
  2. Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol: These 3 factors cause narrowing of the vessels that move blood around the body. In the case of impotence, the narrowing of these blood vessels causes less blood to flow to the penis and makes erection difficult.
  3. Alcohol, tobacco or drug use: These can also result to damage of blood vessels around the body and can affect the way the nerves function.
  1. Other causes include hormonal problems, nerve problems and complications from surgery.

What can I do about this problem?

The first stage in managing this problem is to first ascertain the cause. The treatment of impotence will depending on the factor causing it.

It is important to see a doctor so that they can conduct a check up to find any of the causes discussed and treat them appropriately.

Is there any medication that can be taken to improve this problem?

Sildenafil also known as viagra is a common medication which is given to treat the problem of impotence. It is usually taken 30 minutes to 1 hour before intercourse. There are also similar medications to viagra which you can ask your doctor or pharmacist about.